The 10 Private Islands That Will Cost You the Most Money to Stay on Each Night

3.Necker Island, British Virgin Islands – $48,000

The 63-year-old worldwide business tycoon Sir Richard Branson resides permanently on Necker Island. There are seldom more than 30 guests at the private resort at once. It costs around $48,000 per night to hire it out solely, which helps explain why there are 80 employees working at the resort. Kat Moss, a prominent model, celebrated her 40th birthday at Necker Island. Larry Page, a co-founder of Google, had his wedding there as well, and Jimmy Wales, a co-founder of Wikipedia, chose it as the site of his honeymoon. The late Princess of Wales brought her boys, William and Harry, who are the heirs to the British monarchy, on vacation to Necker Island, away from prying eyes. Despite being completely destroyed by a fire in 2011, the island was restored at a cost of $22 million.