The 10 Private Islands That Will Cost You the Most Money to Stay on Each Night

4.Voavah, the Maldives – $46,000

The Four Seasons premium hotel group has officially branded Voavah as its own private island. Up to 22 people may travel together on the freshly launched Indian Ocean Island, which is available for private rental. Three different types of accommodations—a beach villa, an overwater villa, and a beach house—offer a combined seven beds. The island’s accommodations (which became bookable on December 1, 2016) include a “Ocean of Consciousness” spa, gym, library, games area, three pools, and its very own boat. The island offers a variety of water sports activities and has a dedicated crew of 28 people who are always on hand to accommodate your every need. With a price tag of $46,000 a night, you wouldn’t expect anything less than the seclusion and security that Voavah promises its visitors.