The 10 Private Islands That Will Cost You the Most Money to Stay on Each Night

6.Musha Cay, the Bahamas – $39,500

a fascinating location owned by David Copperfield, the guy who popularised magic for our time. The ten islands of illusionist David Copperfield Bay encircle Musha Cay, which is 150 acres huge and located in the Bahamas. One of these islands actually has a landing strip for heavier planes! The island is accessible for exclusive rental, meaning that only hand-selected visitors may visit, guaranteeing complete secrecy and seclusion! The resort offers five opulent beach homes for lodging, along with a beach theatre, a floodlit tennis court, a pool table that was formerly owned by Harry Houdini, and on-site entertainment. For up to 24 people, Musha Cay’s exclusive rental is $39,500 per night.