The 10 Private Islands That Will Cost You the Most Money to Stay on Each Night

8.Cousine Island, Seychelles – $26,500

Cousine Island’s beautiful foliage and abundant animals are mostly due to its private owner’s commitment to conservation. The 62-acre granite island, which is around 1,000 miles east of Africa, has a pavilion, a library, a bar, a freshwater pool and an outdoor dining area. The newly refurbished, two-bedroom Presidential Villa, which was reopened in April 2016, is its most remarkable feature. Superior chefs create custom Creole, Asian, and Western cuisine for visitors staying on Cousine Island. The lovely retreat now welcomes individual visitors, although on a rare occasion, since it used to only be offered for private lease. Up to 12 people and 6 children may stay on Cousine Island, and full-board exclusive rates start at $26,500 per night.